Friday, March 23, 2012

finely tuned machine

Order in the world wasn't a question. It was the only thing that gave him comfort. He didn't need a philosophy class or a theologian or any new agey books to tell him what he knew to be true. It might not look fair now but, in the end, he knew it'd all make sense. He didn't even let the preposterous idea of chance and randomness and a world devoid of a great karmic reckoning flutter across his field of view. In the blue flicker of the nightly news, he would mutter about motives being weighed by the Lord and the righteous standing firm forever. There was nobody to hear. But sometimes his dog would look up from his well worn corner- staring, it seemed, right through him.

This post was prompted by the picture above, posted at Magpie Tales. Click the picture for the link.

(Thank you Eco for the nudge.)

Tuesday, March 06, 2012


please, if i have to come back,
let me be an ant